Request for Services

This page is a channel to request consultation / services against fees that will go towards the charity work

Why are fees applied?

Yanni Animal Welfare is a non profit association that is less than 3 years old , hence , it does not have any major financial resources till today , yet , it has remarkably stood out as a result of the extensive efforts made by its director and small team of hardworking members. 

All through 3 years , the association team provided more than 3000 consultations where a good share of them turned into a direct assistance ,wether during holidays or late night hours and against the most challenging personal circumstances.

Those services costed hundreds of thousands , its a pride & an achievement in the history of animal welfare in the UAE , but the price was : the delay of the associations agendas mainly working on sustainable income to implement its projects like the charity hospital & anti-violence team

Achieving financial stability will help the association in the future to provide some services FREE OF CHARGE like consultations and other field services directly benefiting the animals.. until then , we thank your support and understanding that those fees will help us to help more animals so that we carry forwards in this challenging path for their sake and your as well.. 

What are the fees?


  • *Basic fees vary between 20-2000 AED . the association will decide it upon reviewing your request & estimating the time , efforts , resources  needed to provide the service.
  • *extra fees will be charged for urgent requests

How is the process ?


Filling up the request form


Wait for the association reply including the basic fees & payment link


Make your payment using the link


You will receive your service