Who is Yanni

``Yanni in greek means GOD IS GRACIOUS``

It’s a story that touched & inspired many people..a blend of hope …. charity .. & love

It’s an Arabian mau cat that was rescued in a rainy day..dying… due to severe burns by hot oil. No body knows if that was accidental or intentionally spilled over his head, what mattered was..he was in a pathetic heartbreaking condition.. sadly , many people passed by him & no one cared.

His skin melted off his body, his chest bones were exposed, he lost his ears.. and became with a disfigured face. All that..while he was just a kitten flowering into life…yet he resisted for day, until hope raised up.

Great hearts saved him ..and gracious people helped in his treatment despite his miserable condition and doctors advice to put him to sleep as mercy for his pain.but charity knows no despair.

So we held tight onto hope… and didn’t give up on GOD’s mercy, he recovered.. and got adopted by a family that didn’t care about his disfigurement.. they just believed in the love he can give to them…and the blessings that will come along this charity ..sooner or later..

That’s him…YANNI.