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In-line with the vision of the United Arab Emirates in providing food & support for the wellbeing for all, the Yanni Animal Welfare Association is pleased to launch a humanitarian not-for-profit initiative to provide responsible feeding of stray cats ,to secure its role in the biological system and help support a cleaner City of Dubai.

Environmental changes inflicted by human has negatively affected the original food source of the cats. urban expansion and mass extermination of reptiles and large insects has meant less food is available for strays.  The resulting feeding crisis has been made worse by the growing population of cats caused by animal trafficking and criminal abandonment of pets into the streets.

This initiative will raise awareness of the importance of ‘clean and responsible’ feeding practices that help keep Dubai clean.



Irresponsible feeding practices of stray cats and birds cause inconvenience to residents, tourists, business owners, adding burden on local government resources, and leads ultimately to various forms of criminal animal abuse or removal.

Share your humanity and help us to keep the city clean

The financial proceeds generated from this campaign will support the following:

  1. Establishing and maintaining high quality feeding stations for stray cats and birds at approved sites in cooperation with Dubai Municipality.
  2. Professional training of volunteer members to deliver the feeding initiative.
  3. Providing online learning materials for the general public and schools to help raise awareness of best practice for stray animal care.
  4. Castration, sterilization and cat treatment at feeding station sites to help manage stray populations.
  5. Conducting research on the effectiveness of the campaign and reporting to Dubai government authorities.

This activity is performed by qualified and trained members

Do you want your house/establishment to be cats/ birds friendly?

Do you suffer from irresponsible feeding around you and want to solve that?

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